Human Resources: Mental Health and Wellness Programs

Here is a list of current programs offered by UFHR and that are currently available for free to staff.

Resilient Gators Program is designed to inform and empower the campus community to build resilience coping skills. This program is broken up into two sessions that define resilience and then identifies practical ways we can build up this skillset.

The Good Night Gators Program will provide you with the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to sleep. The program consists of a live presentation and then followed by four weeks of online coaching via email to help build and support better sleep.

#GatorsGo on every Friday throughout the month of April – we encourage you to share your favorite way to move with us via a comment, photo or video. We will share it within our UF community to spark even more movement. Tag us @WellatUF or using the hashtag #GatorsGo

There are additional continuous program sand resources that are available through UFHR Wellness or through our partners at GatorCare Wellness. including:

Healthy Lifestyle Program is a six-week series that explores that latest health recommendations and how we can incorporate them into our daily habits.

Wellness Presentations:

are available online and range from 15 minute presentations, to 1 hour presentations.

Streamed Fitness: lunchtime classes Tues/Thurs from 12-12:15, yoga Friday at 7 a.m.

Get Gritty COVID-19 Edition: email based challenge to help folks manage stress and build resilience.

Meditation Challenge: self-guided over one month

Sleep Challenge: individuals can start at any time