Your first day is all about getting familiar with your surroundings.

By taking a tour of the office and meeting your new colleagues, you will start to learn more about your department and the Division of Student Affairs.

Additionally, your first day should include:

• A tour of the building including all facilities (eg. elevators, stairs, exits, restrooms, kitchen area, breakroom, copier, office supply area, mail area)

• Distribution of office keys and fob/building access, and show how to lock office doors (mention after hours access)

• A review how to make calls and set up voicemail

• Gator 1 ID Card – coordinate authorization online with your college/unit; new hires on UF

• Advancement payroll will be authorized by (review as appropriate)

• Review parking options through the UF Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) office, or call 352-392-8048

• Schedule meeting with IT to review technology, if applicable

• Schedule time for new employee to complete new hire paperwork with HR/TM representative (if not already completed)

• New employee photos are scheduled via DSA Marketing Team (set date and time)

• Team meeting

• One-on-one meeting with supervisor

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