We are excited that you are attending Vis Days for the Student Personnel in Higher Education (SPHE) program at the University of Florida and look forward to spending time with you.  Graduate Assistantships and Positions are a wonderful way to gain practical experience and apply what you are learning in the classroom.

We ask that you review all of the graduate assistantship and graduate position descriptions and submit your preferences for interviews by Mon., February 10, 2020.  We encourage you to consider not only positions that you are familiar with, but also ones that will expand your skills and understanding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Mary Kay Carodine, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, who is the Student Affairs liaison to the Student Personnel in Higher Education at marykay@ufl.edu or 352-392-1265.

All graduate assistant positions for 2020-2021 have been filled.